There is a hero aspect to all of us. Here at Heroic Fitness, we build that aspect. That is what we’re about… digging in to the real hero that you are.

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Who We Are



Come on in with and see why you’re going to love training at Heroic Fitness. See our facility, meet our members, chat with our coaches, and find out for yourself what a real fitness family is all about.

During your sessions, you will receive:

  • A baseline fitness assessment
  • An overview of our unique training methodology and class options
  • A tour of our world-class training facility
  • Specific information on how to transform your health, fitness, and lifestyle in record time

Simply fill out the form and start your training in both our fitness fundamentals program or any of our other classes We are also happy to help answer any questions you might have about training at Heroic Fitness. We look forward to meeting you!


~Team Heroic Fitness


Who We Are

Who We Are

Heroic Fitness began as Tactical Strength in 2012 with the intention of training police and public safety officers. As a full time police officer and SWAT team member, I had a huge passion to help my brothers and sisters in blue to be as safe as possible on the job....

Find Your Alpha

Find Your Alpha

In our previous blogs, we defined alpha ... not what people think it means, but what it actually means. Then, we looked at applying alpha in terms of nutrition, fitness, and training programs. Now, let's take a look at it on a very personal level. It's time to find...

An Alpha Leads and Follows

An Alpha Leads and Follows

The word "alpha" means leader, as we explained previously in Alpha Defined. But, does that mean that someone who is alpha is always a leader? Let's take a closer look. An alpha can be a leader and a follower We all lead and we all follow. This is a simple truth. There...