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In our last segment, we looked at what most people think of when they hear the term “alpha”. As it turns out, it typically has a negative connotation in most people’s minds. Then, we learned what the actual definition of the word is: the dominant animal in a human or a group. In other words, a leader.

How is alpha applied to training and nutrition?

As nutrition coaches, we provide you with tools and tactics. We also give you education on things like food quality, and how to navigate eating out, vacations, and holidays. Additionally, we teach you how to eat to get specific results in performance or specific sports.  Now, you take that information, follow it, and apply it to your specific set of life circumstances, making it work for you.

Then, your best friends ask what you are doing and why you are eating better or weighing your food. This is an opportunity for you to find your Alpha and become a leader to them. Continue to grow and learn from others, but in the process, identify your influence just as you are being influenced by others.

THIS is alpha applied.