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Heroic Fitness began as Tactical Strength in 2012 with the intention of training police and public safety officers. As a full time police officer and SWAT team member, I had a huge passion to help my brothers and sisters in blue to be as safe as possible on the job. After several months, however, I realized that this had to be more. It had to bridge the gap between sworn police officers and the rest of the community.

Heroic Fitness is for everyone

As a police officer I am afforded the ability to create impact on many lives. I realized that in order to increase our ability to change lives both in Fort Wayne and beyond, CrossFit Tactical Strength had to be open to the public and not simply limited to only police officers and first responders. We opened our doors in 2013 in a 1,000 square foot facility. Now, we have expanded to our current 8,000+ square foot building that houses Heroic Fitness at 513 Incentive Dr.

Our mission is simple

At Heroic Fitness, our goal is to deliver you a premium experience in fitness, strength and conditioning. Additionally, we provide excellent coaching that will push you but keep you safe. Furthermore, we have the most powerful and supportive community!

We understand what fitness is. It is a vessel to build you. To expand who you are. From competition and performance, to health and longevity, and even to those who are seeking to look better naked. Being stronger and more fit will expand the good parts of who you already are. They will augment your ability to live a full, meaningful life.

So yes, the numbers matter, but at the same time, we understand what the numbers REALLY represent. They represent your ability to create a more impactful and full life for yourself and those around you.