Youth Programs

At Heroic Fitness we understand that kids these days are growing faster than ever, and sports are becoming more demanding. Our youth programs are designed to help kids learn and perfect proper movement patterns as well as develop a foundation of strength and conditioning to prepare them for either a specific sport, enhance balance and coordination, or to just get in shape and have fun. Our classes focus on many different drills and exercises that help kids become more aware of their body, and how to use it as one functional unit. As they grow and become stronger they will have a better idea of how to run, jump, squat, throw, press, and many other daily functional movements.


Advanced Youth Fitness Program

The Youth Development Program is geared toward more advanced young athletes looking to develop foundational strength and conditioning to help them excel in either a specific sport or event they are training for. This program will spend more time focusing on basic strength exercises along with various conditioning drills. The goal behind the Youth Development Program is to prepare athletes to endure the long days of practice, and long seasons ahead of them. Building strength and being well conditioned will help keep them fresh and healthy to avoid injury throughout the season, allowing them to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time.